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Dordt Discovery Days was a fun and educational week

July 6, 2011

Dordt’s campus was buzzing with activity during the annual Dordt Discover Days held on June 20 to 24. Junior high students from across the country came to Dordt College for a week filled with learning and activity, all while making new friends and getting their first taste of dorm room living and college cafeteria dining.

Students picked two their classes from nearly 40 options. Classes ranged from Junk Jams to Japanese Printmaking, Design on a Dime to, CSI Sioux Center to Eyewitness News, and Geek Squad to Write Your Own Adventure. A complete list of this year’s classes can be found at

In addition to their classes, students participated in group activities such as daily devotions, swimming, cup stacking competitions, and a “Bigger and Better” scavenger hunt through Sioux Center.

“A highlight of the week for me was the final presentations on Friday evening,” said Barb Mellema, a co-counselor for Dordt Discovery Days. Friday evening’s event was the finale to the week, where each class displayed or performed their final projects showcasing what they had learned.

“It’s interesting to see the unique gifts of each student. For example, those in the stained glass class all follow a sample design, but each final project is as individual as they are. Or in the Photoshop class, students took pictures of many of the same things, but their perspectives were all so different,” said Mellema.

In its 16th year, Discovery Days had a record number of 237 students attend from 17 states this year, said event organizer Dianne De Wit. Many students sat ready as the online registration site ticked down the seconds to the midnight registration opening; within the first ten minutes, 110 had people signed-up.

To read what the students had to say about their week, check out the blog from the Dordt Discovery Days online media class at

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