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Book about Parkinson’s journey available at Dordt Bookstore

May 26, 2011

It was a student’s observation about Dr. Case Boot’s small writing on the chalk board that first made him aware of his Parkinson’s symptoms. Since being diagnosed, Professor of Linguistics Emeritus at Dordt College Dr. Case Boot has learned to walk the journey of Parkinson’s and is now sharing his experiences in his new book, Sharing the Road: A Journey through Parkinson’s Disease.

“My intent with this book is to help others by sharing the story of God’s faithfulness to me, to provide information about Parkinson’s and how to live with it positively, and to encourage family and friends and those who have Parkinson’s disease. This book is my way of responding to the Lord’s call to serve Him and others,” said Boot in the book’s introduction.

The book details the symptoms of the disease and shares several treatment options that are available. Boot also explains some of the unusual behaviors of people with the disease and helps readers think about how they should respond. In addition, Boot is honest about the difficulties of coming to terms with the disease. “Parkinson’s is not a death sentence but an invitation and a challenge to a new and unfamiliar lifestyle,” he says.

But even as this was his conviction, his feelings were still mixed. “Parkinson’s disease affects a person’s emotional expression. One evening I went for a walk. I paused to watch a duck with her ten ducklings; I stood there, admiring God’s creation while tears rolled down my cheeks. During this time, my mind teeter-tottered between hopefulness and desperation. I wondered if living with Parkinson’s would still provide me with opportunities for service, somehow, somewhere.”

His faith that God has a purpose for all that he does has led Boot to stop struggling against his disease and continue to walk the journey in faith. “Making adjustments in your life to make living with Parkinson’s possible prompts you to consider life from a new perspective. Having faith and believing in miracles also helps.”

Sharing the Road: A Journey through Parkinson’s Disease was published by the Dordt College Press and is available at the Dordt College Bookstore and from major on-line booksellers.

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