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Dordt College welcomes Dr. Kuiper

January 29, 2003

A professor from the Netherlands and another from Sioux Center have “traded spaces” for the spring semester at Dordt College.

Dr. Roel Kuiper and his family, Barneveld, have moved in for the semester at the Sioux Center home of John Vander Stelt, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Dordt College. Vander Stelt and his wife Sandy, meanwhile, are spending four months in the Kuiper home at Barneveld, where he is continuing work on a book he is writing. Roel Kuiper

Dr. Kuiper’s official title is “visiting professor of history,” and he is teaching European history, Western Civilization and Historiography at Dordt College this semester.

“This is an adventure for me and my family,” said Roel, whose children are attending Unity Christian and Sioux Center Christian Grade School. Dr. Kuiper is married to Tjitske de Haan and they have four children: Arie (16), Sarah (14), Gert-Jan (10) and Christi (5). Kuiper said every member of his family is enthused about this opportunity and are “enjoying the adventure.” Tjitske is assisting her children with school and also hopes to study local politics here, as she is a member of the city council in the Netherlands.

The Kuipers had not been to the U.S. previously, though he had previously traveled to Canada and had many acquaintances through the international family of Christian scholars. Dr. Kuiper studied history and philosophy at Free University in Amsterdam and published his PhD on 19th century nationalism, internationalism and the political ideas of Groen van Prinsterer and Abraham Kuyper in 1992.

Since 1998, Dr. Kuiper has been a Professor of Philosophy at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He was also director of a Research Institute connected with the Christian Union, a reformed/evangelical political party in the Netherlands.

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