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John Calvin Award given to Karen De Mol

May 16, 2011

Dr. Karen De Mol, Dordt College professor of music, was awarded this year’s John Calvin Award for her commitment to teaching her students from a Calvinistic perspective.
The John Calvin Award, which comes with a privately funded $500 honorarium, is given annually to a Dordt faculty member who is chosen from nominations given from graduating classes and faculty. Three selected graduated classes were asked which of their Dordt professors inspired them most in the development of a Calvinistic world and life view in their own area of study and expertise.

An alumnus who nominated De Mol said of her, “This professor’s gentle, persistent articulation of a Calvinistic view within the curriculum shapes my work as an educator and professional to this day, as I’m sure it does many others.”

A colleague continued these sentiments saying that De Mol is someone to whom they turn when “the Dordt community seeks a thoughtful, reasoned, deliberative voice, whose writings have been adopted as a text in multiple Christian colleges and whose students, past and present, adore her--citing her kindness, her generosity in giving her time to work individually with them, and her genuine concern for their well-being.”

De Mol began teaching at Dordt College in 1984. She teaches Music Theory, Form and Analysis, Music Literature, and gives private clarinet lessons. She has served as the music department chair since 1985.

In addition, De Mol has been a member of the FaireAire Quartet since 1994 and has been principal clarinet of the Northwest Iowa Symphony Orchestra since 1987. She received her B.A. from Calvin College, her M.A. from the University of Michigan, and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Music Theory.

Past recipients of the John Calvin Award include Professors John Visser, Charles Veenstra, Charles Adams, John Vander Stelt, Aaldert Mennenga, John Van Dyk, Calvin Jongsma, Sydney Hielema, Wayne Kobes, James Schaap, Gary Vander Plaats, Sherri Lantinga, Dennis Vander Plaats, Cella Bosma, Duane Bajema, Ethan Brue, and Ron Vos.

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