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Women's Chorus at Dordt College

January 24, 2003

What happens when 25 young women get together for two hours a week? They make beautiful music, of course. The music comes by way of the new Dordt College Women’s Chorus, under the direction of Pam De Haan.

The all-women’s choir was initiated this year to give more female Dordt students the joy of singing and the benefit of continued vocal training. Traditionally there are always fewer men singers than women, so a Women’s Chorus allows many more to use their musical gifts. The added choir also offers more scheduling options, so that if classes conflict with Chorale rehearsal time, they can be in Women’s Chorus instead.

“There is a fun repertoire for women that we wanted music education majors to be exposed to,” said De Haan, who is also the tutorial adjunct for saxophone and voice at Dordt College. When women’s chorus was first offered this fall, 44 students signed up. Women's Chorus

This semester presented more class conflicts during rehearsal time, so the group is down to a more manageable 25 ladies.

Originally about 15 women were in both mixed choir and women’s chorus, but this semester the crossover group is down to about five. “We rehearse a shorter amount of time (two hours a week instead of three-to-four),” commented De Haan, which also makes the Women’s Chorus an alternative for busy students. As the mother of five children and the musical director of the Newkirk Reformed Church, De Haan understands a busy lifestyle and is pleased to provide this option to the existing music program at Dordt.

The Women’s Chorus is available for a limited number of singing engagements. To find out more, contact Pam De Haan at 712-722-6206.

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