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New York photography exhibit at Dordt College

April 28, 2011

Eight Dordt photography students traveled to New York City, armed with cameras, memory cards, and extra batteries.

Dordt College adjunct photography professor Doug Burg and students in his advanced photography class spent their spring break in New York, taking advantage of the wealth of photographing opportunities available in such a lively and diverse city.

“From the time we stepped off the plane to the time we got back on it, we were learning and soaking in the city,” said Jordan Edens, a sophomore majoring in graphic design. “We were told to ‘look for our own tripod holes.’ In other words because there were so many of us we needed to be creative and find angles and make pictures that would be unique [from the rest of the group].”

The students had the added benefit of getting onsite critiques of their work from both Burg and René Clement, a renowned photographer whose exhibit of Promising Land will be on display in the Dordt College Campus Center during much of the summer.

“It was an amazing experience! I definitely learned a ton about my camera, what I like taking pictures of, and what inspires me,” said Ellie Dykstra, a junior majoring in graphic design.

The group collectively took about 40,000 images during their seven-day stay. “We each had a small mountain of photographs. We had to put a lot of work into coming up with themes and ways in which to make an exhibit flow together and integrate everyone’s photos,” said Edens.

Each student whittled down their selections to their five best or favorite photos to showcase. Other interesting photos were then divided into categories: images of people, black and white images, and images taken by each artist. The display can be seen in the art gallery in the Ribbens Academic Complex.

Students on the New York trip included Kelly Campbell (Sioux Center, Iowa), Martin De Jong (Goleta, Calif.), Ellie Dykstra (Bozeman, Mont.), Jordan Edens (Aiken, S.C.), Zechariah Edens (Aiken, S.C.), Lindsey Folkerts (Inwood, Iowa), Keith Roghair (Sioux Center, Iowa), and Aanna Stadem (Sioux Falls, S.D.).

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