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Dordt engineering majors present senior projects

April 25, 2011

Twenty-six Dordt College engineering students will present their senior design projects on Wednesday, May 4, from 7 to 9:45 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center lecture hall SB 101.

The ten teams will give 15 minutes presentations on their projects. The scope of these projects includes energy alternatives and recovery, electronic signal processing, industrial and structural engineering applications, and design of lab equipment and other devices. Several projects have been sponsored by industry partners.


7:00   Welcome.

7:05   M2Lift System. Ben Gesink, Jordan Herrema, Jeff Stolk

7:20   8VSB Option Card. Sam Fopma, Justin Krosschell, Bjorn Vaagensmith

7:35   Automated Parasiticide Dispenser. Dana Hanenberg, Hessel Kielstra, Chris Van Roekel

7:50   Panel Hoist Redesign. Adrian Fintelman, Daniel Pond

8:05   Air Compressor System Energy Recovery. Aaron Coon, Lucas Teeuwsen, Brian Westra

8:20   Refreshment Break.

8:35   Hydraulic Jump Flume. Joel Pertzsch, Chris Van Schepen, Devin Williams

8:50   Household Sump Pump Cover. Jesse Groenewold, Peter Hamstra, Alice Yoo

9:05   Garage Light Relay System. Dan Jansen, Evan Westra

9:20   Vacuum Ethanol Distillation. Dan Brouwer, Nick Campbell

9:35   Biomass Cook Stove. Stephanie Argo, Ian Kuipers

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