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Ideafest is celebration of academic accomplishments

April 21, 2011

Work that is done in the classroom must spill out into the broader community. After all, such research and careful study can and should affect more than the students in the room.

In fact, says Wayne Kobes, Dordt College professor of theology, “Research is not simply ‘jumping through hoops’ to get a grade. It is the careful exploration of issues and aspects of creation that help us better understand God’s world and our place in it.”

It is with this desire to share the quality of Dordt student’s research that Dordt College is holding the annual Ideafest. Close to 70 presentations will be given during the event on Thursday, April 28 from 2:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Presentations are 15 minutes each, which includes time for questions. Those attending are free to wander from one presentation to another, as there are about five going on at the same time throughout the Campus Center.

“The entire Dordt community is a buzz of activity throughout the day. “The whole institution is more of a beehive than it is even on busy class days,” said Dr. James C. Schaap, Dordt College English professor. “Everywhere you look there are concurrent sectionals and crowds! It’s quite amazing.”

Other professors look forward to the event as well. Dordt College Mathematics Professor Calvin Jongsma summed it up this way: “Ideafest features lots of interesting topics, so I’m sure I’ll want to attend a number of them, whether or not they’re in my field of expertise.”

History Professor Paul Fessler, who helped organize the event, sees Ideafest as a celebration of academic achievements. “Academic work doesn’t often draw the large crowds or the standing ovations of other student accomplishments. Events such as Ideafest offer a unique venue for a celebration of God-given talents across the curriculum.”

Students will be presenting on topics ranging from political studies to psychology and from English to engineering. The community is invited to share in the celebration of a year’s worth of learning and research.

Poster Presentations (3:00 – 5:00)

Programing with Symfony & JQuery
Daniel Mahaffy

Biomass-Based Solid Acid Catalysts for Biodiesel Production
Austin Zeller and Emily Huston

Experiencing the Field of Child Life at Sanford Children’s Hospital
Charis Hornor

EBP: Rural vs. Urban Emergency Room Quality of Care
Jenna Bruck, Mike Kooienga, and Jocilyn Wubben

I Can Be Your Friend
Adrianna Oudman
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Jessica Clevering

Evidence-Based Practice of Repositioning Patients
Candice Bui, Kim Goslinga, and Holly Hooyer

Robert Marzano
Lindsey Vander Ark

Availability of Spiritual Care for the Terminally Ill
Sonya Kuiper, Sandi Moerman, and Tiffany Schuller

Laser Scattering Through a Stretched Polymer
Matt Vande Burgt

Benjamin Franklin’s Educational Impact
Daniel Boice

Critical Language Scholarship Program
Kiley Boone

Presentations (2:45-5:30)

Upside-Down: Poems from Australia
Nick Van Ee (presentation by Jonathan Posthuma)

The ISO11783 Communication Standard and Its Implications for Agriculture
Ryan Tholen

Islam: A Religion of Peace?
Herman Hofman

Nursing Visitation and Preventing Child Abuse
Michael Grevengoed, Leah Hanenburg, and Nicole Low

What Happens When Science and Theology Conflict? A Response to the Modern Approach of Integrating Human Evolution into Christianity and the Theological Implications
Sarah Seymour

Orwell and Hemingway on War: The Enemy and How to Fight It
Caroline Eckstrom and Lisa Young

Calling: Yours, Mine, and Ours
John Short

The Cultural Effect of the MP3 File Standard
Jon Bierma

The Seriousness of Play
Matt Gerrelts

A Beginning for Youth Ministry
Adrian de Lange

Magnets in Vehicle Suspension
Timothy Lewis

Kuyper Study Rooms: Avenues for Improved Study Habits?
Allie Thomas

Dordt Admissions Video
Andrea Kreykes and Aaron Yoder

Marketing Guidelines for Online Media
Sam Hart and Sarah Skidmore

Aimee Semple McPherson
Renee Hoekstra

The Iceman Cometh: A Dramaturgical Analysis
Ellen De Young

Thomas Paine
Chris Van Dam

The Clash of Civilizations, Al Qaeda’s Clash with the West
Reggie Robinson

Ryan Van Surksum

Nematode Protection Products: Evaluating Competing Technologies in Corn Crop Protection
Jon Luetchens

What the United States Can Learn from Education Systems Across the World
Lael Radde

Would Jonathan Edwards Have Supported the American Revolution?
Kenny Gradert

The Turing Machine
Carissa Drent

A Forgotten Addiction
Sam Hart

Faith of a Nation
Stephen Olson

Dead or Alive: A Case Study of the N|uu Language
Adrianna Oudman

Agricultural Development in Nicaragua: Lessons Learned
John Short

Sioux County Agriculture – A Documentary Film
Gary Huising, Brett Leyendekker, and Aaron Yoder

Redefining New Testament Characters
Anita Boonstoppel

Lost No More: GPS to GIS
Rick Buteyn, Heather Enerson, Sarah Finley, Danielle Mellema, Steve Nugteren, and Zack Petersen

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
Jolene Hofman

The Self-Discipline of Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, and Its Utilization in His 1803 Campaign
Derrick Angier

When Personal Indiscretions Become Public Scandals: The Role of Personal Biography and Public Opinion in the Life of President Bill Clinton
Ward Matthias

Math, Games, and the Classroom
Carrie Vande Kamp

Ethics in Biomedical Engineering
Lee Veldkamp

A Longing for the Infinite: The Impact of Theology on Vincent Van Gogh’s Art
Emily Walters

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Chris Van Dam

The Poor You Will Always Have With You
Evan Gulstine

The “Stolen Generation”: A Study of the Attempted Extinction of the Australian Aboriginal Culture in Relation to a Christian Perspective on Language
Kristin Janssen

Parallel ANTelligence
Nick Sohre

The Question of British Involvement in the Beginning of the American Civil War
Philip Hiemstra.

Search for the Word of God
David Mahlum

Eating Disorder Prevention Programs: The Need for Early Intervention
Merissa Harkema

Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Godot, and Dylan: Life, Death and Culture in the 1960s
Luke Schut

Plant Communication
Deborah Jude

Helping Build Youth and Elder Relationships: A Research Proposal for Intergenerational Programs
Jeni Kanis

Private Military Contractors on an International Scale
Hank Houtman

Struggling Within Community in Contemporary Literature
Stephanie Argo

Glyphosate’s Effect on Soil
Michael Gallagher

Dylan: Song Writing Using Christian Principles
Ben Sytsma

What Does a Rock Have To Do with God Anyway?
Sarah Spencer

Canada!: The Musical?
Thadd Harrington and Nate Scheuers

Barnabas: The Son of Encouragement
Samuel Lee

Charles Ives: Innovator of American Music
Sierra Tiegs

A Good Obsession
Amanda Hoye

Shift Happens: From The Copernican Revolution to the Structures of Scientific Revolutions
Justin Krosschell

Music in the Life of a Civil War Soldier
Eric Spoelstra

History of American Agriculture: The Midwest 1920’s – 1950’s
Justin Knutson, Brett Leyendekker, and Greg Stahl

The Bloody Inglorious Revolution of 1688-1692
Eric Spoelstra

An Analysis of Rudolf Laban’s Theory of Movement in Theatre
Emily Hageman


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