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“Pacific Coast – Top to Bottom” travelogue on April 8

April 1, 2011

KDCR presents the Travelogue “Pacific Coast – Top to Bottom” at 7:30 p.m., April 8, in the B.J. Haan Auditorium.

The travelogue takes viewers on a journey to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Portland’s beautiful rose gardens, and Seattle’s space needle and sea food suppliers. The trip includes a look at the numerous wineries and historical locations of Napa Valley and concludes with a trip to San Diego’s Sea World and its mighty killer whale show.

The narrator, Robert De Loss, will lead viewers from the Canadian border north of Seattle all the way to San Diego. Throughout the journey he highlights some of the world’s most impressive coastlines, forests, and mountain ranges that exist alongside magnificent cities.

De Loss is an experienced radio news reporter and has several years of television experience. Dedicated to the principles of conservation, De Loss spends his summers working with young people on field trips and has completed 35 years of continuous summer service to the young people of the Sioux City area.

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