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Travel to the Netherlands

March 17, 2011

Dordt College invites alumni and friends to participate in a 12-day guided tour through The Netherlands. The group will depart from Minneapolis on May 17 and will return on May 28.

The tour will include visits to Amsterdam, Haarlem, Middelburg, and more. Tour guests will cruise through canals, see Rembrandt’s The Night Watch painting in Holland’s Rijksmuseum, and visit the homes of Corrie ten Boom and Anne Frank. The tour will travel to neighboring countries of Belgium and Germany to see the beautifully maintained resting place of more than 8,000 soldiers and to learn the rich history of Charlemagne. A two-night stay in Dordtrecht will take visitors to the city where the Canons of Dordt were written, an event that inspired the founders to name Dordt College.

Dordt College professors Leendert van Beek and Dr. James Calvin Schaap will serve as tour guides throughout. Van Beek has been a member of the Foreign Language Department at Dordt College since 2000. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Professor van Beek is a native speaker of Dutch. Tour guests will benefit from his extensive knowledge of the Netherlands, the Dutch, and their culture. Schaap has been teaching literature and writing at Dordt College for almost 35 years. This will be his third trip to the Netherlands. On his first trip, he did considerable research for Things We Couldn’t Say, the Dutch Resistance story of Diet Eman.

For more information about the tour, contact Dianne De Wit in the Office of College Advancement at Dordt College at 712-722-6029 or The cost for the tour is $4,599 per person from Minneapolis. Departures from alternate cities are available upon request.

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