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Dordt College faculty, students featured in new book

January 2, 2003

A new writer’s handbook, The College Writer, is hot off the presses and ready for distribution to colleges and universities across North America.

The textbook was co-authored by Dordt College Professor of English, John Van Rys; former Dordt College professors Verne Meyer and Randall VanderMey; and Pat Sebranek and Dave Kemper, both of Write Source Publishing. Contributors to the project include Dordt College English Professors James Schaap and David Schelhaas.

“This book represents help and feedback from more than a dozen faculty and staff members (at Dordt College), particularly Kim Rylaarsdam and Pat Kornelis,” commented John Van Rys. The textbook grew out of actual classroom experience. It contains about 30 samples of student compositions written by present or past Dordt College students. John Van Rys

Van Rys has been a contributing writer for Write Source Publishing (a division of Houghton Mifflin) for about eight years. The College Writer will be marketed primarily to colleges and universities. Before the book was off the press, two colleges, one in Canada and the other in the U.S. had already adopted it. It is currently under consideration at Dordt College for use in English 101 and as the official campus writing handbook.

Dr. Van Rys describes this handbook as “a student-friendly writing text designed for college freshman composition classes and writing-across-the-curriculum programs.” The comprehensive text is divided into four sections: a rhetoric (guide to thinking and writing); a reader (models and guidelines for different forms of writing); a research guide (instruction for the research paper and conducting research) and a handbook (guide to grammar, punctuation, mechanics, etc.) Van Rys is now completing another book, Write for Business, the Compact Edition.

The College Writer comes with a CD, and will also be supported by a web site accessible to instructors and students who have purchased the book. It is available at the Dordt College Bookstore, 712-722-6420.

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