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Dordt alumna presents "Sophisticated Geekery: Defining and Reading Comics for Grown-Ups" March 3

February 25, 2011

For at least a century, many authors and readers have assumed that comic books and “picture stories” cater only to children, the less literate, or shameless geeks. Julie Ooms will take that assumption to task and reveal the hidden wonders of many sophisticated comics and graphic novels.

Ooms, a Dordt alumna and current doctoral student at Baylor University, will present a 7:30 p.m. lecture and workshop on Thursday, March 3. The lecture, “Sophisticated Geekery: Defining and Reading Comics for Grown-Ups,” will be held in the Ribbens Academic Complex, or the Classroom Building, on Dordt’s campus, in room CL1144.

Graphic novels like Maus can offer a wealth of fascinating insights. Maus was written by Art Spiegelman and describes a haunting tale of the holocaust using comic book-style imagery and moving dialogue that is intended for adult audiences. This is the first comic book to ever win a Pulitzer Prize Special Award. Ooms will highlight this and several other graphic novels to help unmask this sometimes underrated and overlooked literary genre.

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