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Dordt interns help launch Hands Around the Plain

November 19, 2010

Two Dordt College business majors participated in a unique internship opportunity with Hands Around the Plain. Sarah Skidmore of San Diego, California, and Amy Parish of Lynden, Washington, used their skills to help launch the new business in Sioux Center.

Sarah Skidmore, a Dordt College junior, began this internship in September, 2009. After realizing that the workload was too much for one person, Amy Parish, a Dordt College senior, was enlisted to help.

Skidmore devoted her time to producing marketing materials, including creating posters, news releases, and setting up social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. Parish focused on the financial side of things by getting QuickBooks, the register, and finances in order.

“We both need internship experience to graduate with business degrees, and this internship is perfect because it is in town,” said Skidmore. “It is a great ministry opportunity for us as well since the workers will be women living at The Bridge and in need of work experience.”

Hands Around the Plain is an eclectic shop located on Main Street in Sioux Center and is the vision and product of The Bridge. Hands Around the Plain will provide women from The Bridge with transferable job skills while partnering with community members to break down stereotypes often associated with the poor.

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