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African agricultural mission speakers Oct. 11

September 28, 2010

 LocalYoung men from area villages buy eggs for resale from Eggs for Africa, run by Scott Marques, who will describe this agricultural mission in Mozambique at Dordt College on Monday, Oct. 11 ag industry leaders, along with the agriculture and business departments at Dordt College, are partnering with farmers in Mozambique, Africa, to help them achieve a mission: producing the lowest cost chicken in the world.

So why are Iowans mentoring African farmers in egg and poultry production?

Their mission statement says it all: “We are God’s raving fans as we do business and farming His way.”

Leaders from New Horizons and Eggs for Africa in Mozambique will share the progress being made in agricultural mission on Monday, October 11, at 7 p.m. in Dordt College’s Science and Technology Building lecture hall SB101. African farmers Andrew and Claire Cunningham, together with a church leader and farmer, Scott Marques, will tell about the ongoing work of New Horizons and Eggs for Africa.

“If you are even mildly interested in the idea of business and agriculture as a solution to poverty, please join us,” invites Dale Zevenbergen, a Dordt professor who took a trip to Mozambique this summer. “The people leading the efforts in Mozambique are very passionate about their faith and their work, and it’s quite contagious,” adds Zevenbergen.

As a college, Dordt is making plans to partner with New Horizons and Eggs for Africa, asPictured is an “outgrower” with a contract to raise broilers for New Horizons. well as a new venture called Center Fresh Mozambique, to offer off-campus experiences in Africa to students, giving them the opportunity to work on farms or in the development of an agriculture school.

The Khula Sizwe (Growing the Nation) team in Africa believes their call is not only to preach the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ verbally, but also to live that Gospel while working alongside individuals in a mutually beneficial mentorship relationships in Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Their value statement calls for them to “do everything with excellence, on time, without waste, and with joy.”

New Horizons was established in late 2004 and since then has constructed a hatchery, feedmill, and infrastructure such as roads, water, electricity, and housing. The hatchery produces about 40,000 chicks per week, and the team is working to effectively use the land for maize and soya production, utilizing chicken manure for composting and fertilizing the land, in the poorest region of one of the ten poorest countries in the world. Eggs for Africa and Center Fresh Mozambique are developing similar operations in egg production.

For more information, see and click on Mozambique, or contact Dale Zevenbergen at 722-6349.

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