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Water Wars is topic of Friday speaker

February 24, 2010


 “Water Wars: Water Resource Sustainability in the Mississippi Watershed,” is the topic of Tim Dekker on Friday, Feb. 26, at 11 a.m. in the Science and Technology Center lecture hall S 101.

Dr. Dekker will profile four projects that illustrate battles in the Mississippi watershed over existing water resources. He is an environmental and water resources engineer with expertise in the surface water, sediments, and groundwater systems; analysis of contaminant fate and transport; and wastewater systems.

Dekker is a senior manager with LimnoTech, and a project manager and senior engineer on a wide variety of projects throughout North America. A Calvin College graduate, he has served as an adjunct professor of environmental engineering at the University of Michigan and has led numerous field, modeling and data-based investigations of contaminated sediment sites. He has also developed and directed large-scale environmental monitoring efforts, wastewater systems, and river restoration studies.

Readily available, high quality water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, and water limitations are leading to local and regional conflict in arid regions around the world. The UN Environment Agency warns that almost three billion people will be severely short of water within the next 50 years, and by some estimates approximately 40 percent of the world’s current population is already affected to some degree. While these effects are most obvious in arid regions, water quality and quantity limitations are starting to impact some of the most historically water-abundant regions of the world.

Dr. Dekker’s talk focuses on four different areas of conflict in the Mississippi watershed, and points to a need for thoughtful, scientific approaches for sustainable water resource management. All who are interested are welcome to attend this lecture.

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