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Heartland Christian Educatorís Convention October 1-2

September 14, 2009


The annual Heartland Christian Educators’ Convention will take place on October 1 and 2 on the campus of Dordt College. More than 450 educators from Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska are expected to attend.
This year’s theme is “Storytelling 100 Ways,” with two keynotes being presented by performing and recording artist Ken Medema.

Thursday’s keynote will challenge conventioneers to be authentic and then assign a theme around which they can build a multimedia interdisciplinary school happening.

On Friday, Medema will expand upon the ideas shared the previous day by the educators and introduce a song written especially for the occasion. This multimedia event will celebrate a unique educational process.

Two main tracks will be the topics of many workshops throughout the two day convention. The first track, “Technology,” will focus on how technology should or should not be used in the classroom. Track workshops will address the pros and cons of using different forms of technology in the classroom today. The lead workshop will be given by Karl Kaemingk, technology coordinator at Unity Christian High School in Orange City.

The second track, “Distinctiveness of Christian Education,” will focus on the uniqueness of Christian education. Barry Miedema and Brad Veurink will co-present the first workshop. Miedema is administrator of Dakota Christian School, where Veurink is president of the school board. Track workshops will address “19 Boys + Brain Based Learning = ?” and “Do You have a License for that Thing?” and “You Tube for You.”

Many other conference workshops will be given by teachers, professors, directors, and consultants, that examine a wide range of topics. Some sessions include “Kids Need Boundaries Too” and “Sugar and Spice – Not Everything Nice.” The workshops are designed to be interactive and give new ideas for both the teacher and the student. They cover all grade levels in many subjects, as well as extracurricular activities outside the regular classroom.

The Public is invited to attend
Everyone is welcome to attend the following keynotes and workshops. There is no charge to attend these events.

• October 1 at 10 a.m. in the B.J. Haan Auditorium: keynote address by Ken Medema, “Storytelling 100 Ways Part 1”

• October 1 at 1:15 p.m. in the B.J. Haan Auditorium: Barry Miedema and Brad Veurink present “Uniqueness of Christian Education.”

• October 1 at 1:15 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center S101: Karl Kaemingk presents, “We aren’t in Kansas anymore: game changing technologies like cell phones and social networking and how they are impacting schools and families today.”

• October 1 at 7:30 pm.: Ken Medema will present a coffeehouse concert in the Grille area of the Campus Center.

• October 2 at 10 a.m.: Ken Medema will wrap up the convention with the final keynote address titled “Storytelling 100 Ways Part 2.”

For more information contact Anne Maatman, Convention Coordinator, at 712-722-6216.

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