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Van Wyk art exhibit at Dordt gallery

September 2, 2009

Van Wyk Artwork

An artist reception in honor of Professor Jacob Van Wyk, whose work is currently featured at Dordt College's Campus Center Art Gallery, will be held Saturday, Sept. 12, at 6:30 p.m., with Van Wyk speaking about his work at 7 p.m.

This major installation of Van Wyk's art will conclude on Sept. 15. The show includes 65 framed works and 20 works in clay created by Van Wyk over a 35 year time span. The exhibit is free and open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Multimedia drawings and fine art prints in lithography and intaglio etching make up the framed work in the show, while clay pieces are mostly thrown works in stoneware, porcelain, and raku, most of which feature Van Wyk’s signature markings and drawing.

“A well-placed and fluid line can capture both space and universal time,” says Van Wyk, who adds that good line and value nuance represent the ultimate response to God’s natural creation and “can hold the spontaneous feeling of the moment and richness of nature.”

Van Wyk has been teaching art at Dordt College for 18 years, offering courses in ceramics, drawing, and printmaking, among others. He has produced award winning drawings and prints, as well as more than 5000 clay vessels as a master potter.

Featured in this summer exhibit is avante garde work exploring conceptual art, and a wide range of landscape and figurative works that specialize in oil pastel and pencil technique from Van Wyk’s graduate study period (1974-’76).

The exhibit also includes color lithographic prints from stone. Van Wyk is a master printer using the once popular commercial printing method of grinding and drawing on special Bavarian limestones and layering images in color ink with a hand-cranked press. He recently acquired 20 lithographic stones for Dordt’s art program which will be housed in part of the new art facilities currently under construction. Two of the three hand printing presses at Dordt College were engineered and made by Nelson Wynia of Sioux Center.

This exhibit also displays various commission and installation studies in drawing including signage, and two clay works at Dordt: “The Gift” sculpture, and a plate assemblage in honor of Dr. John Hulst’s commitment to Dordt College and the reformed faith, presented on his retirement. Van Wyk recently produced and installed architectural tile in the new Sioux Center Library as well.

Some 200 sketches in binders will also be available for viewing. They add insight and depth to the works on display, which represent a wide range of ideas and images that all use strong and nuanced line work as a fundamental medium of expression.

Dordt College offers art degrees with five different emphases: fine arts studio, graphic design, art history, teaching art, or pre-architecture.

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