Dordt College News

Campus green, parking lots taking shape

June 30, 2008

Campus Entrance

A new campus green, a reconfigured main entrance, and new parking lots are all part of the work being accomplished at Dordt College this summer.

The new landscaping and parking changes are being undertaken to improve traffic flow, make the walking environment safer for students, and aesthetically improve the appearance of Dordt’s campus.

Three outdoor areas are currently under construction.

The main entrance parking lot entry location has been moved into alignment with the boulevard which stretches between the college and Sioux Center High School. The asphalt lot has been slimmed down to make way for a more inviting curved and landscaped area as vehicles arrive on campus.

A new parking area adjacent to the KDCR Radio Station alongside Seventh Street recoups parking spaces that were repurposed in the main lot while redirecting parking and reducing traffic jams during mass exits that follow large events.

A new parking area east of the B.J. Haan Auditorium offers an additional parking option, replacing repurposed parking area being converted to campus green, in the high pedestrian traffic area that separates the recreation center and the B.J. Haan Auditorium.

Access to the new parking area will be from the southwest corner of campus, where Fourth Ave. NE and Fifth St. NE meet. Event parking is already available in a lot south of the Campus Center, and the new area east of the B.J. Haan will add both parking and a circular drop-off area for elderly, handicapped, and large groups that arrive via buses.

The main entry parking lot will be completed by the beginning of the fall semester, with the campus green and the supplemental parking area east of the B.J. Haan scheduled to be completed later this fall.

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