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Huisman, Zevenbergen begin work at Dordt College

July 1, 2008


Lyle Huisman, Orange City, and Dale Zevenbergen, Sioux Center, have joined the Advancement team at Dordt College, effective July 1.

Lyle Huisman will serve the college in the position of special gifts officer. Huisman graduated from Dordt College in 1981 with a B.A. in business and communications. Since then he’s owned and operated L & K Clothing in Orange City for 27 years, together with his wife, Julia (also a Dordt alumna). The Huismans have two children: Ashley, 17 and Jordan,13.

Huisman commented that as Dordt strives to equip students, alumni, and the broader community toward Christ-centered renewal in all aspects of life, his role will be to effectively communicate that mission to the supporting community.

“Developing vision and building consensus are central themes in my leadership style,” stated Huisman, who has taken leadership roles in community, church, and professional organizations, including the Orange City Chamber of Commerce and Minneapolis-based Northwest Buyers and Jobbers Association.

L & K Clothing will continue operations as Huisman begins his career with Dordt. “We have developed a mature organization, capable of moving forward without my involvement,” explains Huisman. “Today, my eyes are fixed on the future of Dordt College. I am really excited about sharing the vision of Dordt and exploring the possibilities before us!”


Dale Zevenbergen will serve Dordt College in two capacities, as a faculty member in the Business Department and as a special gifts officer in the Advancement Office.

Zevenbergen will teach several courses in the business administration program, while also seeking out charitable contributions for the advancement of the college. He is a graduate of Dordt College (Class of ’91) and has been an adjunct instructor in the business administration program since 1999. He will teach courses in operations management, marketing, market research, and management.

Zevenbergen earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and passed the Certified Public Accountant exam in 1993.

Since graduating from Dordt College he has been a cost management specialist for the Pella Corporation (four years); regional vice-president for Primerica Financial Services (four years); and since 1999 held positions at Pella Corporation’s Sioux Center plant, most recently as a subsidiary business manager.

Dale and his wife Tammy (also a Dordt alumna) have four children: Jenna, 13; Kylee, 11; Rayanna, 5; and Braden, 3.

“We’re very passionate about Dordt and all that it is about,” said Zevenbergen. “I've enjoyed being part of the education process as an adjunct instructor, and I’m excited to join the Dordt family on a full time basis — in the classroom working and learning with future Christian business leaders, as well as visiting with the broader Dordt community in support of the institution.”

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