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Bajema receives John Calvin award

May 14, 2008


Duane Bajema, professor of agriculture at Dordt College, was named the 2008 John Calvin Award recipient at a year-end event for Dordt’s faculty and staff Saturday, May 9.

The award, which comes with a privately funded $500 honorarium, is presented annually to a Dordt College faculty member who demonstrates in their teaching both ability and commitment in articulating a Calvinistic perspective.

Recipients are selected based on nominations from graduating classes and faculty. Three selected graduating classes were asked which of their Dordt professors inspired and instructed them most in the development of a Calvinistic world and life view and in applying those views to issues of contemporary society. From the list of nominees, an external panel selects the final recipient.

Dr. Carl E. Zylstra said that alumni nominations expressed appreciation to Bajema for teaching them the importance of Christian principles in their roles as stewards of the land, animal husbandry, and all aspects of their lives.
Dr. Bajema attended Dordt College as a student for two years before earning his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Minnesota, followed by a Masters in Agriculture and a Ph.D. from Iowa State University. He has been teaching agricultural courses at Dordt College for 31 years. In 2004, The American Association for Agricultural Education presented Bajema with Author of the Year and Outstanding Article Awards, based on his research and resulting article titled, “Aspirations of Rural Youth.”

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