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Grant awarded to Warner’s research proposal

April 16, 2008

Dr. Jonathan Warner, a professor of economics at Dordt College, has been awarded grant funding for a research proposal submitted to the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU).

Warner and project director John Gorlorwulu (professor of economics at George Fox University) were awarded a grant of $9,700 to fund research on the topic, “The Nature and Consequences of Weak Financial Markets in Post Conflict Countries: The Liberian Case.”

Using the country of Liberia as a model, Warner and Gorlorwulu will document methods of speeding economic recovery and reducing dependence on outside financial aid following a conflict or war. They hope their findings will be applicable to post-conflict situations in other developing countries.

This project builds upon Warner’s significant research on scrip programs and regional currencies, as well as Gorlorwulu’s work in Liberia.

Jonathan Warner earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wales and has taught at Universities in north Cyprus, Poland and Kyrgyzstan. He originally became interested in scrip after being contacted for information about Depression era scrip issued by Charles Zylstra in the nearby town of Hawarden. He has researched newspaper accounts of several little-known scrip efforts, with primary research interest in the field of development economics.

If the research project succeeds in making a case for issuing local scrip in countries recovering economically from conflict, findings will be distributed to development organizations. The results of this research project will also be made available to colleges and universities that are members of the CCCU.
If feasible, the project will include groundwork preparatory to a trial issue of scrip, in collaborations with an appropriate Liberian non-governmental organization (NGO).

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