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New senior art show at Dordt gallery

April 6, 2008

Senior Art

A second senior art show is now on display through May 2 at Dordt College’s Campus Center Art Gallery.

The opening reception for the show is Friday, April 11, from 5-7 p.m., with artists discussing their work beginning at 5:30.

Featured seniors in this show are Amanda Niewenhuis, Corsica, SD; Mason Welsh, Neligh, NE; Lindsey Shearer, Monument, CO; Randi Unverzagt, Canton, SD; Joe Van Walbeek, Blue Grass, IA; and Elbert Bakker, Winnipeg, MB.

The current group of six art major graduating seniors present a typical wide range of media to including painting, photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, graphic design, and printmaking, with a strong emphasis on graphic design portfolios, color printmaking techniques and figurative, sculptural works of art.

Nearly all of the students have a strong graphic design portfolio on display that emphasizes the art department's emphasis on graphic design and production work. Under the direction of David Versluis, most students receive individual instruction on putting together a professional and well documented portfolio, including fine art examples and especially printed, production work.

A large number of prints in the traditional medias of stone lithography, intaglio etching, multicolor lino-block relief prints and multi-media prints are on display. Dordt's printmaking classes are taught by Jake van Wyk and nearly all students have samples of prints in the exhibit.

Randi Unversagt has several multicolor prints on display as well as a large scale ceramic sculpture of one of her children. Lindsey Shearer is completing an advanced painting class with Professor Peter Sheesley, and has several large paintings in acrylic in the exhibit.

Joe Van Walbeek, Mason Welsh, and Elbert Bakker all have computer based projects in web, quick time, or digital portfolios mounted on a computer set up in the gallery. Amanda Niewenhuis has a variety of sculpture in various media as well as photography examples including 4 by 5 inch format Polaroid images using the department's large format camera. Amanda recently completed an advanced photography course at Dordt with Doug Burg, a professional photographer from Orange City.

The Campus Center Art Gallery is open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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