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Dordt College hosts Great Plains Math League competition

March 5, 2008

Western Christian

A high school math competition was held at the Dordt College Science and Technology Center on Saturday, March 1. Schools participating in the competition were Atlantic, Bishop Garrigan, Sioux Center, South O-Brien, Unity Christian, and Western Christian high schools.

Claiming first place overall this year was Western Christian. Less than one point separated second and third place winners, Atlantic High School and Sioux Center Community High School.

The Target round was an individual event that consisted of eight questions, each worth 10 points. There was a 10 minute time limit for each pair of two questions.

Winners of the Target Round are as follow: Freshmen: first place, Derek Hofland (Western Christian); tied for second and third, Alex Hamilton (Bishop Garrigan) and Jinny Seo (Unity Christian); Sophomores: four-way tie, Ryan Brasser (South O’Brien); Jake Groenendyk (Sioux Center); Brittany Berte (Bishop Garrigan), and Austin Van Wyhe (Unity Christian). Juniors: Curtis Ullerich (Atlantic); and tied for second and third were Daniel Hofland (Western Christian) and Matt Cole (South O’Brien); Seniors: Adam Pottebaum (Atlantic); followed by tied scores by Andrew Arbogast (Sioux Center), Aaron Hofmeyer (South O’Brien), and Michael Gorter (Unity Christian).

The Sprint Round, also an individual event, consisted of 30 multiple-choice questions and a one-hour time limit.

Winners of the Sprint are as follow: Freshmen: first place, Derek Hofland (Western Christian); second place, Jinny Seo (Unity Christian); third place, Todd Verhoef (Western Christian); Sophomores: first place, Austin Van Wyhe (Unity Christian); second place, Brittany Berte (Bishop Garrigan); third place, Nick Kellner (Bishop Garrigan); Juniors: first place, Xi Sen Hou (Western Christian); second place, Myles Boone (Sioux Center); third place, Joe Straub, (Bishop Garrigan); Seniors: first place, Adam Pottebaum (Atlantic); second place, Andrew Arbogast (Sioux Center); third place, Michael Gorter (Unity Christian).

The Team Round, a group event, was a 10-question test with a 20 minute time limit. Atlantic High School claimed first place in the Team Round with the team of Jenny Jessen, Adam Pottebaum and Curtis Ullerich. Three teams tied for second: the Sioux Center teams of Andrew Arbogast, Jake Groenendyk, Myles Boone, Daivd Bruxvoort and Dan Gradert; and a Western Christian team (Daniel Hofland, Xi Sen Hou, and one other student).

The last event, the Relay Round, was also a group event. The students worked in groups of three, with each completing one part of a three-part question. The second part of the question was based on the answer to Part 1, and the third part was based on the answer to Part 2. The third and final person was the only person to turn in an answer.

Winners of the relay were Bishop Garrigan (Michael Fakler, Alex Hamilton, Anna Kollasch) and Unity Christian (Henry Byl, Sarah Kaemingk, Nathan Nieuwendorp).

Each academic year, there are six Great Plains Math League competitions held in the Midwest, followed by a state meet. For more information, go to

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