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Dordt College Art Faculty Exhibition at Morningside's Eppley Gallery

February 11, 2008

Art Exhibit

Following a successful display of a wide variety of media from the art faculty of Morningside College at Dordt’s center gallery in the campus center in December, the Dordt art faculty has brought their art to the Eppley Gallery at the Eppley Auditoriun Morningside’s campus.

The concept of a faculty exchange developed while Jacob Van Wyk and John Bowitz curated a collection of works from the Levitt Collection, which were displayed at Dordt this past fall. Prior to that, the two of them negotiated the acquisition of 20 lithographic limestones from Morningside’s art dept to Dordt.

Subsequent workshops in printmaking have been offered on both campuses, inviting visiting artists and students from both institutions. It was determined that a faculty exchange of work would also benefit students from both institutions.

Jacob Van Wyk, department chair and senior member of the art program at Dordt, is exhibiting work from a recent sabbatical study including free standing clay sculpture in porcelain and stoneware, wall tile, and lithography. All of these pieces feature gestural approaches to the figure as a metaphor of struggle, and loosely based on the concept of angels.

David Versluis, who teaches all the graphic design curriculum at Dordt, is displaying a series of prints called ‘Spirit Lake Iowa; Fish Suite, Number 8. (digital montage/giclée prints), featuring a beached fish photographed at Spirit Lake, Iowa in 2002. As Versluis says “I see these images as emblematic of the design process and the construction of the printed image.” This work studies photography and design as an imaginative conceptual process and how visual form and content combine to function as communication. However, the fish image itself is loaded with meaning and conjures up many symbols, metaphors and emotional responses."

Peter Sheesley teaches painting, drawing and sculpture and is exhibiting oil paintings from three different series he’s created in 2007: large contemporary representational painting, small abstract paintings, and on-site, plein air landscape paintings of the Sioux County area. The large works, called Discard USA metaphorically explore the human condition, relating psyche to surroundings.

Doug Burg is a professional photographer from Orange City and has been teaching the advanced photo section at Dordt. He is showing black and white photography.

Joanne Alberda, a long standing member of the art program at Dordt, recently completed her final teaching duties in Art Education, and is displaying some recent cloth works in abstract design using machine piecing and discharged, dyed cloth that are part of a larger group of works commissioned in 2006 that visually respond to a large mobile in the campus center created by David Versluis in 2003.

Both the mobile and cloth works are part of nearly 400 pieces in the permanent collection of art on Dordt’s campus.

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