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Last week for art exhibition

September 10, 2007


A special art exhibition, “The Art Faculty Collects” will conclude Sept. 15 at Dordt College’s Campus Center Art Gallery.

Selections on display are from the private art collections of the art faculty at Dordt: Joanne Alberda, David Versluis, Jacob Van Wyk, and Susan Van Geest. Included in the show are paintings, limited edition fine art prints, drawings, ceramic work, multi media construction, Japanese hanging scrolls, stone and wood carving, woven matts, and batik.

All of the pieces in the show are works acquired over many years, by exchanging or purchasing from other artists, often while traveling far and wide. The styles of the art work appeals to a wide range of personal tastes.

Van Wyk serves as gallery director and curated the display. Several prints in the show are from his collection. As a printmaker he has had the opportunity to exchange prints with other printmakers and photographers, from graduate school to print workshops.

Also of special interest is a series of small paired sculptures, collected by Wil and Joanne Alberda. The sculptures are from Hungary, The Netherlands, and Zimbabwe, as well as significant Native American ceramic ware.

Other works include ceramic examples from the 15th and 16th Centuries, an etching from the 18th Century, and 19th Century Japanese woodcuts. A number of works were acquired by Jake Van Wyk in the 1970’s and have never been exhibited. They include an award winning series of photographs by Phillip Wilson from Grand Rapids, Mich., and prints revealing the conceptual art styles of the decade.

A yard sale find, two Japanese hanging scrolls exquisitely hand painted on silk and backed with fine embroidered cloth, are also in the show.

David Versluis contributed more recent prints to the show by Oscar Gillespie and David Driesbach (who studied with the great Maurico Lasansky, an internationally famous printmaker from the University of Iowa). Artists Wayne Kimball and Karla Hackenmiller are represented in a portfolio of prints Jake Van Wyk acquired at the 2002 Frogman print and paper making workshop (an annual summer event at the University of South Dakota which draws many of the finest printmakers in the U.S.).

Dordt College’s Campus Center Art Gallery is free and open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. The college offers art degrees with five different emphases: fine arts studio, graphic design, art history, teaching art, or pre-architecture, as well as 50 other areas of study.

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