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Ideafest is Thursday, May 3

May 1, 2007


IdeaFest 2007 will take place on the Dordt College Campus Center Thursday, May 3, from 3-5:30 p.m.

Ideafest is an event at which students in a wide variety of majors present their research. It showcases to the campus and surrounding community the exciting research being conducted by Dordt students.

The multidisciplinary event will include complementary pizza for presenters and those in attendance.

Thirty students will do oral presentations and/or PowerPoint shows, with others contributing poster displays. Oral presentations will be 8-10 minutes long, with about five minutes for questions from the audience.

Organizers of the event are enthused about this opportunity to showcase the accomplishments and exciting work being done by Dordt College students.

For more information, contact Professor Paul Fessler at 722-6254 or email

Student presenters will be:

Michael Altena, Sioux Center, IA: A Look at P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia

Harah Sun, Sioux Center, IA: The Remittances of Overseas Filipino Workers, and An Alternative Stand

Helen van Beek, Sioux Center, IA: George W. Doublespeak

Team of Alvin Shim and Vern Eekhoff, Sioux Center; Matt DeWit, Rock Valley; and Hani Yang, Yucatan: a movie (digital media production)

Karyn Regnerus, Doon, IA: The Roots of Rock

Elizabeth Van Voorst, Rock Valley, IA: The Impact of the Internet on the Economy

Emily Van Voorst, Rock Valley, IA: The Economic Effects of Baseball in the U.S.

Joel Veldkamp, Cumming, IA: Darfur: The Case for War

Sarah Masselink, Edgerton, MN: More than Meets the Cynical Eye and A Music Critique from a Christian Perspective

Christopher Kuiper, Luverne, MN: Speculation in the Gilded Age

Sara Hanenburg, Milaca, MN: The Christian High School Athlete: Physical and Emotional Development

Alanna Dake, Excelsior, MN: The Negative Effects of Feminist Agendas on American Culture

Bryan Burgers, Sioux Falls, SD: Designing and Constructing a Compiler

Kristopher Walhof, Manhattan, MT: Christian Peacemaking: Exploring the Implications of Shalom

Benjamin Werkhoven, Monroe, WA: The Use of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin

Kimberly Deelstra, Shoreline, WA: Beyond Geometry: An Introduction to Fractals

Mark Bylenga, Escondido , CA: Tomorrowland: A Historical Account

Sonja Doty, Chula Vista, CA: A Study in Henry James (English literature)

Reid LePage, Tucson, AZ: Theological Implications of Chomskyan Linguistics, and Me Use Linguistics? That's Unpossible: The Place of Language within The Simpsons

Connie Du Mez, Brookfield, WI: Responses to Terrorism

Ashley Kasper, Lansing, IL: Comedy of Aristophanes

Micah Schuurman, Winfield, IL: Peace in Palestine

Grant Dykstra, Highland, IN: A New Way of Predicting Elections

Nathaniel Cordel, Cawker City, and Theodore Mobach, Edmonton, AB: Development of Butterflies in Temperature Controlled Environments

Benjamin Witte, North Port, FL: Methane from Manure

George Den Oudsten, Lacombe, AB: The Nature of Reformed Preaching

Andres Acosta Rozo, Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Globalization and the Accelerated Contact between Populations 

Clyde Prosper, Coulibistrie Village, Dominica: Policy and Traffic Pollution

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