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Dordt classes begin Aug. 30

August 17, 2006

WOW Activity

Dordt College’s 2006-2007 academic year begins Wednesday, Aug. 30, with the influx of new freshman students arriving at residence halls Saturday, Aug. 26.

A Week Of Welcome (WOW) has been planned for first year students, kicked off on Saturday with an All College Fair, a commissioning celebration, picnic and other events throughout the weekend for students, parents and family members.

A campus-wide convocation ceremony for all faculty, staff, students and the public will be Thursday, Aug. 31, at 11 a.m., with Dr. Carl E. Zylstra as speaker. Also on Thursday will be the annual “Taste of Sioux Center” student open house, with local churches and businesses introducing themselves to students at the college Rec Center.

Introductions to campus continue at the all-college picnic Thursday evening and a freshman talent show later that night.

The Dordt College Maintenance Department has been busy with annual cleaning, repairs and updates throughout the summer, including renovations in the B.J. Haan Auditorium, the classroom building, student housing and the grounds.

Students taking classes in film editing, filmmaking and animation will appreciate a new dual-platform (PC and Mac) computer lab equipped with LANshare, a four-terabyte server and AVID software, the industry-leader in filmmaking. Interest in this subject is high, with a waiting list for the Intro to Film and Video Production class this semester.

This year is also the first that Dordt will provide married student housing.

During the summer the maintenance department converted a four-plex and an eight-plex into 12 fully furnished apartments for married students.
At the B.J. Haan Auditorium, the women’s restroom size was doubled and stairwells were enclosed to meet current fire code. A Science and Technology Building classroom was converted to a fully-equipped computer lab, and on the northwest corner of campus attractive landscaping is replacing a former city water treatment plant. Electronic locks and video surveillance equipment were also installed in a residence hall for security purposes, and annual painting and cleaning was done.

To learn more about activities on Dordt’s campus this year, the event calendar is posted on Dordt’s website.

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