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Haan thanked for work with student teachers

May 15, 2006

Katie Haan has a record it’s likely no teacher will ever break: in 35 years of teaching at Sioux Center Christian, she’s mentored 35 Dordt College student teachers. Katie Haan

Recently Katie Haan was honored by the Dordt Education Department for her work with Dordt education majors, beginning in 1968.

Haan graduated from Dordt College with a two-year degree in 1962. She taught for one year at the Christian school in Edgerton, MN, and then returned to Dordt when the four-year teacher program became available.

After earning her bachelor’s degree, Haan taught two years in Canada, four years in Sioux Center, and two years in Pennsylvania before settling down in Sioux Center permanently.

In the past 35 years, Haan provided classroom experience to the following student teachers: Ruth Sturing, 1968; Linda Stephens, 1969; Marcia Jelsma; 1970; Tina Kooiman,1971; Margaret Dykstra, 1975; Clifford De Boer, 1976; Marcia Bleeker, 1977; Hilda Euverman, 1978; Alice Nicholson, 1979; Rick Jasper, 1980; Tina Di Vincenzo, 1981; Wendy Pranger, 1982; Debi Witschi, 1983; Lisa Van Dixhoorn, 1986; Pete Van Velzen, 1987; Scott Vander Maten, 1987; Daniel Vande Pol, 1988; Nancy Koetsier, 1989; Peter Van Der Puy, 1990; Janine Burgsma, 1991; Jon Kroeze, 1992; Julie Van Soelen, 1993; Julie Ribbens, 1994; Shelley Toolis, 1995; Stephanie Walhof, 1996; Heidi Bakker, 1997; Rachel Bootsma, 1997; Stacey Hordijk, 1999; Heather Ledeboer, 2000; Robin McFarland, 2001; Melissa Sieperda, 2002; Tammy Veenstra, 2003; Lisa Kooiman, 2004 (fall); Karla Hofman, 2004 (spring); Jenn Weverink, 2006.

“There are so many challenges in teaching, and I don’t think that there’s one right way to do it,” says Haan. “The most important thing to remember is that you’re teaching students, not curriculum. If you remember that, then your teaching will be a little bit different every year, because you will adapt to your students and their needs.”

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