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Dordt student publishes book

February 9, 2006

How long would it take for you to describe and defend your Christian beliefs? Two days? Two weeks? Two years?

For Jamin Hubner, a freshman theology student at Dordt College, that process began as a junior in high school, and more than two years later has resulted in the publication of a book, The Saving Grace of God, now available at online retail book locations including The Saving Grace of God

“I was hoping for 10 pages, but ended up with over 200,” quips the author regarding his first book release. Hubner said his original intent had been simply to respond to a book written by Pastor Joel Finck. That intent is reflected by the book’s subtitle, A Defense of the Reformation and a Rebuttal of Joel Finck’s The Power of God Unto Salvation by Joel Finck, Grace Bible Church 1999.

But the process of refuting another person’s theological perspective caused Hubner to examine, develop and scripturally defend his own.

“I was not at all raised in a Reformed tradition,” says Hubner, whose parents, Greg and Marsha, are members of a Baptist church in Avon, S.D. It was a conversation with a friend that sparked Jamin to eventually claim Calvinism and a Reformed theological perspective as his own.

“Sound theology affects a great deal in the Christian’s life,” says Hubner, who chose to outline in his book both what Reformed theology is, and what he believes it is not. “It took me 22 revisions,” says Hubner, who was determined to make the finished effort understandable by the average reader.

Throughout the book Hubner examines and defends the five Points of Calvinism, reminding readers that debate clarifies theological thinking and that a fuller understanding of theology can have a profound effect on worship. Important questions are posed in the book that not only illuminate the basis of Reformed Theology, but present it as a vehicle by which individuals can journey toward a clearer understanding of what Hubner calls “the free, sovereign and saving grace of God.” For anyone wishing to learn more about Reformed Theology and desiring to move closer to the Sovereign Grace of God, this book should be read first.

Dr. James R. White, Th.D. (an author of 20 books and graduate of Fuller Theological and Columbia Evangelical Seminary) says in a ringing endorsement of Hubner’s book that “In a day when the younger generation seems intent upon rushing headlong into post-modernism and an abandonment of any confession of the authority, clarity, and sufficiency of Scripture to impart doctrinal truth, it is very refreshing to read Jamin Hubner’s passionate confession of faith. Biblical and apologetic in nature, The Saving Grace of God provides a full response to the common objections rehearsed against the doctrines of grace.”

Hubner’s Reformed theological leanings were what led him to Northwest Iowa and Dordt College. After seeing the college listed in the top 10 Midwest Colleges by U.S. News and World Report, he visited during his junior year of high school and job shadowed a Dordt theology professor, Dr. Syd Hielema. “I really liked the campus and the theology program, which is in the middle of a transition … This is to my benefit, as I can choose from the old or new program.” Jamin has chosen the new theology program, with an emphasis in systematic/historical theology, which he feels has a more flexible, personal and effective approach. He is also taking a minor in political studies.

In publishing the book, Hubner was helped by a friend at Dordt, Joe Baker, with the cover design. His publisher was an company that he found on the internet, and the print-on-demand book was funded with his own savings.

Although only in his first year of college, Hubner said his career goal is to effectively and passionately preach, defend, and live the gospel message as the Bible describes it.

“I’ve told myself how I might want to start a new ministry or something, but in reality every Christian has a ministry of their own,” reflects Hubner. “For some, it’s strictly evangelism, world missions, youth ministry etc. But as I read the Great Commission, I realize it’s not a call to be a Christian. It’s a call to be a disciple, a mature and growing and living Christian. That’s why in the second half of the command (Matthew 28:19-20) is for us to ‘teach.’ That’s what I hope to do, teach effectively to God's spiritually hungry flock.”

The Saving Grace of God is available for purchase at the Dordt College bookstore, or online at or It will also be available to Dordt students at the college library.

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