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New nursing program approved at Dordt

September 14, 2005

Dordt College has received interim approval from the Iowa Board of Nursing to offer a B.S.N. (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) completion degree beginning next fall.

Approval of Dordt’s baccalaureate nursing degree proposal was based upon a favorable evaluation of a comprehensive nursing program self-study conducted by Pam Hulstein, director of health science at Dordt College; JoAnn Bryfogle, an off-campus consultant; and Donna De Vries, natural sciences secretary at Dordt.

Dordt students currently earn baccalaureate nursing degrees through a cooperative dual degree program, blending Dordt classes with courses from St. Luke’s College and Briar Cliff University to obtain a Bachelor of Health Science (B.H.S.) degree from Dordt College and a B.S.N. degree from Briar Cliff.

Iowa Board of Nursing approval now allows Dordt to initiate its own B.S.N. completion degree. Dordt’s program will continue as a 1-2-1 program, with the first and final year of training offered exclusively by Dordt faculty, with years two and three enhanced by hospital-based courses offered by St. Luke’s College in Sioux City. Dordt and St. Luke’s College have been offering this cooperative nurses training program since September of 2000.

“We are very excited about being able to offer a Dordt B.S.N. degree from start to finish,” said Pam Hulstein. “Our program will assist nurses to function in multiple roles, giving them an advantage in the job market. Nurses today work in hospitals, community health centers, business, industrial and occupational health, health care administration and affiliated services. All require a solid educational background that incorporates analytic, as well as interpersonal skills, and a Dordt degree offers exactly that.”

According to Rockne M. McCarthy, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Dordt, the college is currently developing a curricular proposal for internal review and evaluation, and is also in the process of hiring new faculty members for the B.S.N. course offerings.

After the inauguration of the B.S.N. program next fall, the college can request final endorsement from the Iowa Board of Nursing and apply for professional accreditation from the appropriate national accrediting association.

For more information about the B.S.N. program at Dordt, contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-343-6738.

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