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Dordt faculty contributors to Not Just Science

September 7, 2005

Two Dordt College professors were recently published in Not Just Science: Questions Where Christian Faith and Natural Science Intersect, a book published by Zondervan Publishing.

Dr. Ron Vos, professor of agriculture; and Dr. Robb De Haan, associate professor of environmental studies, were asked to contribute a chapter in the book on the topic of agricultural science. The bulk of the book was written by Wheaton College professors, with 22 educators from that institution addressing natural sciences including astronomy, bioengineering, mathematical science, computer science, chemistry, etc. Four Calvin College professors were tapped for their noted expertise on the topics of engineering, physics, geology and biology.

“We felt very honored that this distinguished group of scientists came to Dordt’s Agriculture Department when they were looking for experts in the field of agricultural science,” said Ron Vos, department chair of the ag program. Vos’ work on agricultural sustainability has taken him to several foreign countries, and he actively works on agricultural policy and justice issues. Dr. De Haan has graduate training in plant breeding, genetics and agricultural ecology, and his interests include the ecology of prairie ecosystems, agricultural sustainability and the intersection of faith and landscape management practives.

In the book, Vos and De Haan provide an analysis of agricultural practices in the past and present, challenging farmers and consumers to develop a food system consistent with a God-centered point of view.

Vos and De Haan also discuss Biblical principles that apply to agriculture, concluding with several discussion questions and suggested reading for those interested in more in-depth study of the topic of agricultural science.

Not Just Science argues that it is possible for our study of the natural world to enhance our understanding of God, and for our faith to inform and influence our study and application of science. Edited by Dorothy Chappell, dean of natural and social sciences at Wheaton College; and David Cook, Professor of Faith and Learning and philosophy at Wheaton, they say “Our hope and prayer are that this book will show how we can discern the questions at the intersection of faith and science, how we should approach them, and how we should respond to them.”

General education students, science majors, members of church groups, pastors and many others will find Not Just Science approaches some fundamental questions Christians ask when searching for truth through investigations in the natural sciences.

The book is available from Zondervan Publishing and other retail outlets.

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