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Booy accepts Canadian Master’s Award

August 17, 2005

Evan Booy, a 2004 graduate of Dordt College with a major in biology in the pre-medical program, has been awarded several scholarships with a combined value of over $20,000 for funding his post-graduate education.

A resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Booy was among the top two applicants named to receive a $12,000 University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship. Because of his application’s high ranking, a bonus award from the Clarence Bogardus Sharpe Memorial Scholarship (CBSMS) was also presented to him.

Booy applied for and received three additional fellowship offers for financing his doctoral education: a Manitoba Health Research Council Studentship; a Cancer Care Manitoba Fellowship; and a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Master's Award (CIHR).

Booy has elected to accept the CIHR award, which along with the CBSMS scholarship and a University of Manitoba scholarship (for students ranking in the top 4 percent), bringing the total award value to $23,750.

Booy’s current work is in the field of cancer research, in the department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics. His lab is currently working on developing novel anti-cancer therapeutics based on a viral protein, Apoptin, which is able to selectively target and kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.

Booy said the well-rounded education he received at Dordt, along with the continued support of and contact with Dordt professors, has given him a great advantage in his post-graduate education. He intends to complete his master's degree next spring and then pursue either a Ph.D. under the same professor at the University, or go on to enter Medical School. Either way, he aims to be actively involved in medical research.

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