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Ideafest at Dordt College April 28

April 18, 2005

IdeaFest 2005 will be presented at the Dordt College Campus Center Thursday, April 28, from 3-5:30 p.m.

IdeaFest is an event that showcases Dordt student research across a wide range of disciplines, including (but not limited to) history, English, psychology, physics and economics. The multidisciplinary event will include complementary pizza for presenters and those in attendance.

Over 40 participants will present their research in a variety of formats, including posters and Powerpoint shows. Oral presentations will be 8-10 minutes long, with about five minutes for questions from the audience.

Organizers of the event are enthused about this opportunity to showcase the accomplishments and exciting work being done by Dordt College students. Participants include the following:

AGRICULTURE: James Sieperda, “Dairy Herd Internship at Dykstra Dairy”

ART: Senior art students will be in the art gallery from 4-4:30 to answer questions and discuss their art work. They are Becky Wasko, Sarah Versluis, Kara Ledeboer, David Vermeer and Amber Boon.

BIOLOGY: Lisa Van Bruggen, “Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Transgenic Proteins Lactoferrin and Lysozyme”; Engela Heystek, “Histological Analysis of Cux-1 Expression During the Development of Postnatal Mouse Testes”; Eric Van Otterloo, “Comparison of Activated Microglia in the Orbitofrontal Cortex of Depressed and Non-depressed Elderly Patients”

ECONOMICS: Karin DeLapp, “Political Cartoons of the Depression Years”; Kari Mouw, “Economics of Northwest Iowa” and “ The History of Western Christian High School”; Brandon Rosenboom, “The Amana Colonies”

ENGLISH: Melissa Drake, “Rabbit's Reification”; Ross Feikema, “Oppressions of Setting”; Jason Elenbaas, “Ancient Myths, the Bible, and Literature: Formulating an Apologetic and Theological Response with C. S. Lewis”; Kirbee Tagney, “Ceremony: The Indian Versus the Western Literary Tradition”

ENGLISH/OTHER: David Ligtenberg, “Anti-Intellectualism in the Evangelical Church”; Kim Deelstra, “Why Feminism?”; Sara Prins, Andrew De Young, Jonathan Horlings and Julie Perkins, “Poetry Readings and Explications”; Nathan Terrell, “Peanut Butter and Jelly” dramatic fiction reading; Julie Perkins, “Street Kids: A South African Experience” dramatic fiction reading

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES: Todd Rowenhorst, “ Food Plots for Wildlife”; Environment 396 class (Todd Rowenhorst, Nathan Snieder, Emily Vant Hul, Jennie Van Velzen, and Christo Haarhoff), “A Wetland Restoration Plan for the Kuhl Property”; Christo Haarhoff, “Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Private Institutions--Case Study of Dordt College”; Jennie Van Velzen, “Macroinvertebrate Population Effects in Mill Creek: Upstream vs. Downstream from Pond and Dam”

HISTORY: Andrea Dykshoorn, “Goudzenko Affair: Communist Spies, Canada, and the Cold War”; Jennifer Hamilton, “Decline of the Fenians: Irish Radicalism in the U.S.”

LINGUISTICS: Rebekkah Shour, “A Tale of the Barking Cat & the Meowing Dog: A look at Language Differences in Gender Communication”

MATH: Samantha Dokter, “The Enigma Machine”

PHYSICS: Barry Viss, “Thunder and Rain Project”

PSYCHOLOGY: Kendra Triemstra, “Altruistic vs. Egoistic Prosocial Behavior”; Andrew Geleynse, “Religion and Enhancement of Mental Health: A Working Combination”; Brad Redeker, “Recognizing Human Diversity and the Whole Person: Integrating Spirituality”

THEOLOGY: Ben Ribbens, “The Gospel of Thomas—Jesus’ Historical Sayings or Early Christian Heresy?”

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