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Dordt Ag Stewardship Center reinvests assets

October 7, 2004

A new set of wheels will be pulling field equipment at the Dordt College Ag Stewardship Center this fall, thanks primarily to the sale of older or unused assets at the college’s farm. Tractor

The Ag Stewardship Center purchased an ‘89 John Deere 4055 recently, while trading in a pair of older tractors, a ‘77 JD 4430 and a ‘78 JD 2840. Additional funds for this substantial equipment upgrade were obtained through the sale of dairy equipment and other machinery that is no longer in use.

“By reinvesting our assets with an eye to the future, we’re continuing to upgrade our agricultural education resources,” said Wesley Jamison. “Our agriculture department is committed to investing in excellence for teaching purposes, and this tractor will be advantageous for our students in terms of safety and ease of use.”

Jamison said that all ag majors at Dordt College go though an ag safety course, in which they operate each piece of equipment available at the Ag Stewardship Center. The 4055 JD is 12 years newer than the previous model, with substantially less engine hours, better safety features and greater ease of use.

The former dairy center at the Agriculture Stewardship Center was recently purchased by Trans Ova Genetics, a biotechnology company that will now make its equipment and facilities available to Dordt faculty and students who are interested in that field. The Ag Stewardship Center had discontinued dairy operations last December because of high costs, limited student teaching value, and a dwindling market for smaller milk producers. The college works together with private dairy operations in the area to continue offering hands-on dairy experience to students interested in that field.

Dordt College is among only a handful of Christian liberal arts colleges that offer an agriculture major with five different emphases: general agriculture, agri-business, crop science, animal science and agri-missions. A sixth emphasis, agriculture biotechnology, is being contemplated following the signing of a cooperative agreement with Trans Ova Genetics in August.

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