Dordt College News

Kuyper Scholars Program initiated at Dordt College

April 7, 2004

A new program that seeks to enhance the undergraduate experience for highly motivated and gifted students will be offered at Dordt College in the upcoming 2004-2005 academic year for upperclassmen/women through Kuyper Scholars Contracts.

The Kuyper Scholars Program has been developed to enhance undergraduate opportunities for students who are seeking scholarly challenges beyond and throughout the regular curriculum. It is a program in Christian scholarship that emphasizes theoretical and interdisciplinary work, seminar participation and leadership.The Kuyper Scholars Program seeks not only to prepare, for Kingdom service, those students who are gifted to become leaders in the Christian community and beyond, but also to advance the academic atmosphere for all students and faculty at Dordt College.

The full-fledged program, which leads to an 18-credit minor in Kuyper Scholars credit, will be available for new freshmen beginning in the fall of 2005. Meanwhile, upperclassmen/women may contract with willing professors to take existing courses for Kuyper Scholars credits.

For more information see the Kuyper Scholars program.

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