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Dates Announced For Lilly Lecture Series On Christian Vocation

April 1, 2004

Dr. Clarence W. Joldersma, Professor of Education at Calvin College, will be speaking on the topic, "Educating for Shalom: Called to responsibility, justice, delight, & gratitude." A total of three lectures will be presented next Monday and Tuesday, April 5 and 6, all held in the Classroom Building room CL160. Joldersma will be drawing on his own insights, on those of Nicholas Wolterstorff and reformed thought, as well as on Emmanuel Levinas, Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Marion, and Jean-Louis Chretien as he seeks to reframe traditional ideas and phenomena in ways that can help us rethink the educational enterprise in fruitful and surprising ways.

Monday 3:15 PM, Lecture One
  Inspired to Learn: Can we rethink the activity in which we all--faculty and students--are engaged? (Re)Thinking is a very important ingredient of always reforming--semper reformanda.

Monday 7:30 PM, Lecture Two
  Called to Teach: How does the calling of teacher differ from that of learner? Why should the call of teaching for faculty not just be absorbed into the call for them (and their students) to learn?

Tuesday 3:15 PM, Lecture Three
  The Call and Hope of Shalom: What is the distinctive purpose of Christian higher education as we live in a creative tension "in-between the times"?

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