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Awards Ceremony

JB Slash Productions: No Man's Land

Winner, 2009 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Hand Crafted Productions: Fred and Bob's Adventure

Runner-Up, 2009 Prairie Grass Film Challenge

Ceiling Dragon Productions: Fleeting Valentine

Cobra Production: The Impressionable Mind

Death By Titanic: End It With Orange

Dual Conscience Productions: Star-Crossed Idiots

Duck, Duck, Goose Productions: The Occurrence

Fish Out of Water: Destiny Bound

Hook and Reel Productions: Instinct

Meadowlark Productions: The Collector

Moving Pictures: It's a Mad World

Patriot Productions: So You Think You Can Coach?

PJ Films: Attack of the Goo Creatures

Ruble and Schnape Schnape: Hide and Sing

Slater Maxwell Productions: A Dorian Day Kind of Day

Speedy, Long, and Hairy Productions: The "Piano" Man

Spirit(s): Shot Down

Sypher Productions: The Fire

Team Extreme: One Man Arsenal

Tik Tac Productions: Kiss of Death

Vitiator Productions: Broken