Dordt College Men's Golf at NORDOR Cup (Match Play)

April 30, 2013

(Sioux Center, Iowa (The Ridge)) #12 Phil Feikema (Dordt) vs JD Pluim (NWC) Pluim 7 & 6
#11 Monte De Kam (Dordt)vs Andrew Minor (NWC) De Kam 1 up
#10 Micah Roos (Dordt)vs Jordan Oltman (NWC) Halved
#9 Jordan Taralson(Dordt) vs Chris Grether(NWC) Grether 4 & 3
#8 Cam Van Koevering(Dordt) vs Jordy Reinders(NWC) Van Koevering 4 & 3
#7 Micah Christensen (Dordt) vs Kyle Stanek (NWC) Stanek 5 & 3
#6 Trey Hugen (Dordt) vs Joe Clark(NWC) Clark 3 & 2
#5 Nathan Middel(Dordt) vs Michael Clark(NWC) Clark 4 & 3
#4 Zach Kooiker(Dordt) vs Ryan Kiewiet(NWC) Kiewiet 6 & 5
#3 Sam Vos (Dordt) vsJay Monahan(NWC) Monahan 3 & 2
#2 Madison Moss (Dordt) vs Michael Dykema(NWC) Moss 1 up
#1 Derek Fox (Dordt) vs Neil Malenke (NWC) Malenke 6 & 5

Final NorDor Cup score = NWC 18 pts; DC 6 pts.

NorDor Cup Day Two (Singles)
Singles Ten one-on-one matches will be played at Landsmeer. The winner is determined by the number of holes won. A player must play his ball into the hole, unless his opponent concedes a putt. Each match is worth 1 point (with 10 points available for the day). A match tied or all-square after 18 holes will result in a - point split. When the match is officially over, the pair will return to the clubhouse and not complete the remaining holes.

The team who accumulates 10 points or more will win the inaugural NorDor Cup. In the case of a 10 10 tie, there will be a sudden-death singles match. The participants will be selected by each coach. The winner of the sudden-death singles match will determine the NorDor team champion.

Team Standings Score
Northwestern 1
Dordt 2
Dordt College Performances Score

For more information, please contact Mike Byker, Sports Information Director, at or (712) 722-6301.