Summer Employment Application

Use this application to apply for summer employment for the upcoming summer.

Priority Deadline: March 10

Student Identification

First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:
Class Year:

Where would you live for the summer if employed?

Will you be a full time Dordt College student during the Fall Semester of next year?

General Information

In order to be employed through the summer employment program a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Renewal Application must be completed and the results must be on file in the Financial Aid Office. (NOTE: IT TAKES APPROXIMATELY SIX WEEKS FOR THIS FORM TO BE PROCESSED.)

Have you completed the FAFSA?

When was it sent in or when will it be sent in?

Or Have you completed an International or Canadian Financial Aid form?

If yes, when was it submitted?

Were you employed under Dordt's employment program during the school year?

If yes, what position did you hold?

Have you spoken with Dordt staff about a summer job?

If yes, which staff member(s)?

Will you be available to work the entire summer?

If no, please list any dates you already know about that you will not be available to work (include vacations, weddings, other jobs, etc.):

Note: The summer employment program will give preference to students who qualify for the federal work-study program.

Have you ever worked during the summer (at least 8 weeks) for Dordt before?

If yes, list the summer(s) you worked:







What type of work would you prefer (Computer, Farm, Maintenance, Grounds, Secretarial, Housekeeping)? Please list in the order of preference:

Would you accept a night job working from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am?

Is there any type of work you would not accept?

Work Experience

Have you had any experience with computers?

If yes, please list your experience:

Have you had any secretarial or clerical experience?

If yes, please list your experience along with typing abilities:

Have you had any experience with farm equipment or livestock?

If yes, please list your experience:

Have you had any construction experience?

If yes, what kind?

Have you had any experience with lawn equipment?

If yes, what kind?

Have you had any painting experience?

If yes, what kind?

Have you had any housekeeping experience?

If yes, what kind?

List any other job experiences or qualifications you have other than those listed above:

If approved by the financial aid office, would you be willing to work for maintenance/housekeeping during the school year?

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