Application Information

Application Deadline: January 31, 2016. Applications are reviewed as they are received, so please submit your application materials as soon as you are able. 

Questions: Please email statgen@dordt.edu with any questions about the application process, or if you are wondering about the status of your application.

Application Materials

A completed application consists of 4 components: (1) Application cover page, (2) undergraduate transcript, (3) a letter of recommendation from a reference, and (4) application essay. These four components are described below

Component 1 will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate person. Components 2 through 4 each have their own upload link. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your completed application when all 4 components have been received.

  1. Application cover page: Please complete the Application Cover Page.
    ** Part of the application cover page requires a reference (typically a faculty member) who will write a letter of recommendation on your behalf (component 3).
  2. Undergraduate transcript: Please include a copy of your undergraduate transcript to date (an unofficial version is fine). The transcript should include course name and grade earned, as well as the name of the institution where the courses were taken. Upload transcript
  3. Letter of recommendation: Please have at least one individual (typically a faculty member) write a letter of recommendation in support of your application. Please provide the faculty member with this link where they will upload their letter of recommendation: https://dordtresearch.wufoo.com/forms/dordt-college-research-letter-of-recommendation-zghyx5k0qd6uc4/
  4. Application essay: Upload application essay. The application essay should be no more than three pages single spaced and include answers to the following questions:

The essay is a critical component of your application. While there is no required format, please include headings for the five areas above, along with sections for other topics you wish to address.