Graduates of the mathematics program at Dordt College gain problem solving and critical thinking skills that are valuable in many fields. This makes a degree in mathematics a flexible preparation to pursue a wide range of vocations. Our graduates have had success being accepted into graduate schools and finding jobs that suit their training and interests in a variety of careers in education, business, industry, and governmental agencies.

Top Jobs

In 2012, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicted 23% growth for mathematicians by 2022. What kinds of jobs do mathematicians have? Opportunities in both teaching and non-teaching fields are readily available. Companies that engage in research or high-tech operations are looking for people with strong mathematical backgrounds because of their problem-solving and analytical skills. 

Mathematics and mathematics-related jobs are consistently ranked as desirable, with high job satisfaction. The job search portal ranked mathematician as the No. 1 job for 2014 based on five criteria including stress, working environment, physical demands, income, and hiring outlook. The job of statistician ranked No. 3 while actuary ranked No. 4. 

Graduates in mathematics are qualified to pursue many career paths including: