Course Information

Choose an individualized course program of 13 to 17 credits from the options below, allowing yourself to focus on the area that most interests you. All tracks and courses are subject to minimum enrollment criteria. You will be notified in November if a course/track you have chosen will not be offered.

Students will follow one of four tracks on SPICE: General SPICE, nursing, education, or international business:

• In the Western European Culture track, students take all SPICE Core courses, and two more elective courses.

• In the Nursing track, students take NURS 330, NURS 352, and NURS 390, in addition to two SPICE Core courses or electives.

• In the Education track, students take EDUC 239(a), EDUC 349(a), and Cross-Cultural Explorations (portfolio) combined with a one-credit independent study from the education department to fulfill the EDUC 270 requirement. Additionally, education track students take Dutch Art and Architecture, Dutch Culture and Society, and one additional SPICE elective. Students may take a Dutch language course to fulfill their foreign language requirement within the International TESL endorsement.

• In the International Business track, students take Cross-Cultural Explorations (Portfolio), Dutch Art and Architecture, Dutch Culture and Society, the International Business course, and one additional SPICE elective.

SPICE Core Courses 

Elective Courses

Business, Education, and Nursing Track Courses